Premium Triangle PatchesTM for gun cleaning

Bore Patches<br> <font SIZE="0"> &nbsp&nbsp Premium </FONT>
Do Not Get Stuck in bore.
Reduce rod bowing.

Make More Contact with bore.
Cleaner FasterTM using fewer patches.

See Video by BoresmithTM here or recommendation by AGI here.
Specifications are available at the link Detail behind Benefits..
Patent pending in the USA and other countries.
Fabricated in USA on our machines in Southern California. Our cotton flannel is made in the USA. It is thick, averaging 0.0175 inches, going as high as 0.0190 inches, and it is a highly absorbent fabric construction.

Use them with long jags (see jag selection), or with our patented dual-purpose bore brushes called Jag BrushesTM.

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